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ATI’s Specialists work with you to ensure successful case closures by:
  • Promoting medically safe working environments,
  • Ensuring appropriate AT device selection,
  • Providing specific AT training,
  • Ensuring successful rehabilitation solutions,
  • Promoting early return to work and;
  • Providing independence to American’s Veterans, through assistive technologies
Ergonomics: It’s Good for the Body and Soul
ATI’s on-site ergonomic risk assessments allow employees to work in a medically safe manner by identifying job tasks that may lead to repetitive motion injury (RMI), and reducing or eliminating pain from repetitive stress injury (RSI), chronic illness, and for individuals with limited mobility or range of motion, while at the same time preventing costly injuries.

More information about our Ergonomic Risk Assessments and Workshops may be found Ergonomic Risk Assessments, or by contacting an ATI Specialist at 800-677-7512.

Assistive Technology: Makes Living Easier
Assistive technology assessments and trainings help people with disabilities lead more productive and independent lives by helping them communicate with others, learn more effectively, live independently in their own homes, and continue to enjoy many of their recreational activities. ATI provides solutions for people who are:
  • learning to live one handed in a two handed world,
  • looking for the latest technology to accommodate low vision needs in the workplace,
  • ensuring safety and independence for an individual who is hard of hearing, both at home and in the office,
  • interested in gaining computer skills and; learning to use a different means to access a computer

More information about ATI’s assistive technology assessment and training services may be found at Accessibility Solutions, or by contacting an ATI Specialist at 800-677-7512.

Featured Client Case Study
An Office Assistant with a history of severe Fibromyalgia, experienced significant limitations in her ability to engage in fulltime employment.

An ergonomic assessment was conducted of her workplace. Her chair was replaced with one designed for her stature and which provided adequate body support. To further reduce muscle fatigue, an articulating keyboard platform and document holder were added to her existing workstation, and she learned the importance of taking short stretching breaks.

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