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Senior Citizen
Did you know the Census Bureau projections indicate that by 2030, one in five Americans will be age 65 or older? Think about that for a minute!
Vision Loss
In addition to normal changes in vision, older adults may experience eye disorders, health problems, or injuries that can permanently affect eyesight and result in blurred or distorted images, or the loss of central or peripheral vision. The four most common causes of age-related vision loss are macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.

If you experience vision loss Access Technologies, Inc. can introduce you to technical solutions that will make reading your favorite book or the newspaper easier. These easy to use magnification devices may allow you to read your financial statements, fill out your checks, or write letters. Learn more about these technology solutions! Contact ATI.

Hearing Loss
A new generation of assistive listening devices (ALDs) either separately, or in conjunction with hearing aids, allow individuals who are hard of hearing to participate in community events, and continue living safely and independently in their own homes. ALDs may allow you to better understand conversations over the telephone, in church, in a noisy restaurant, or even in a quiet setting while sitting down with your soft spoken grandchild. Schedule an appointment with an ATI Specialist and learn how you can regain your independence! Telephone ATI today.

Temporary Disability
Many people, either through surgery or a fall, experience a temporary disability. Having the right daily living aides during this healing period may speed up the recovery time. “When my mother suffered a bad fall after misjudging a curb height, it was heartbreaking watching her struggle with a traditional walker. It was very difficult for her to lift and then set down the walker…just to get around. If only they’d had Rollators then.

Walking aides such as Rollators (which are essentially walkers with wheels and seats) were not available even five years ago. Since their introduction into the market they now allow individuals to walk more smoothly and independently again. These are available (along with other daily living aids) through our Device Reutilization Program, or contact ATI to learn what might work best for your daily needs.

There are many aids available to help you in your daily living with arthritis. It may seem overwhelming to determine which aid(s) would be correct for you because the choices are so vast; they are available for help in the kitchen, bathroom, with communication, dressing, and grooming, resting and relaxing, for the household and for the car. Purchasing an assortment of daily living aids to determine whether they are the correct solution for you can become quite a hit to the budget. Let Access Technologies, Inc. help you with your determination process. Did you know that we have daily living aids available to “borrow” in our Device Loan Program? Seems like you should Telephone ATI today.
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