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Maintaining a healthy workforce is key to a successful business! Access Technologies, Inc. offers onsite assessments and workshops designed to reduce employee injuries, proactively address ergonomic issues in the workplace, provide educational opportunities to empower employees, and promote prevention consciousness.

Ergonomic Risk Assessments Ergonomic Workshops
ATI’s ergonomic risk assessments are designed to protect the health of your employees. Our on-site ergonomic risk assessments provide solutions to a healthier workstation layout and design by identifying job tasks that may lead to repetitive motion injury (RMI), including excessive bending, reaching, standing, or fine finger manipulation; and discuss contributing risk factors which may cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, or neck, back, shoulder, hand, and arm injuries.

Whether you need an assessment for one employee, or your entire office, ATI can help! Learn more
ATI understands the health of your employees are a high priority, as they are your company’s most important assets. And in today’s fast paced business world, where top management alone can no longer assure the success of a business, well educated and highly motivated individuals are critical to the development and execution of strategies. Sure your competition may offer similar products, but no one can match your highly charged, empowered employees who care.

Access Technologies, Inc. provides ergonomic education to empower your employees! Is an ergonomic workshop right for your business? Learn more
Assistive Technology Evaluations Assistive Technology Workshops
Advances in assistive technology opens doors to new employment possibilities. Examples of these changes include:
  • Voice Recognition Software to allow an individual to create and edit documents, reports, spreadsheets, and e-mail – all by voice
  • Magnification software to reduce eye fatigue by enlarging and enhancing images on the computer screen
  • Alternative keyboards and programmable mice, which allow the computer user to achieve optimum wrist position to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Determining which assistive technology is right for both the individual and their specific job tasks can be a challenge. ATI reduces unnecessary costs and frustration associated with this process, contact an ATI Specialist today! Learn more

Did you know, 57% of working age adults in the United States are likely to benefit from the use of accessible technology? In a study conducted by Forrester Research, 35% of computer users with severe difficulties or impairments reported they didn’t know if there were additional assistive technology that would enhance their use of computers.

ATI provides awareness training on accessibility options and assistive technology products to businesses as part of their Professional Development programs.

More information about ATI’s Assistive Technology Solutions may be found at Accessibility Solutions or by telephoning a Specialist at 800-677-7512.

My software company recently employed an individual who is blind. I learned of his disability the night before he started working for us, and being the supervisor for this new employee, I immediately became concerned about the decision to hire him, not because he I doubted his qualifications for the position, but for his safety in and around our buildings. I telephoned ATI to talk about my concerns, after all, how was I going to always be available to take him to and from his workstation, or to make sure no one placed a trashcan too close to the walkway? I needed to know where I could buy a screenreading program and braille signs NOW and have them installed TONIGHT …… oh my gosh, the list went on and on.

ATI was great! The Specialist listened to ALL my worries, and then asked me a few questions; such as will the gentleman use a cane or a guide dog at the office? What computer accommodations is he already familiar with and does he read braille?

What did she mean DOES HE READ BRAILLE?! The man’s blind, of course he reads braille – doesn’t he? I learned so much about how to prepare for welcoming our new employee into our “family” from her, and while I still didn’t sleep that night worrying about making everything perfect for his first day, I was more educated and now I understand the importance of providing disability awareness training to my employees and our hiring managers. – Steve

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