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Low Vision Solutions
What does large print, color coding, big buttons, audible cues, and magnification have in common? They are all possible solutions for people experiencing vision loss. -Learn More

Do you feel left out of conversations because you experience a hearing loss? You are not alone. More than 320,000 Oregonians have a hearing loss, and 90% is age-related! With advances in assistive listening devices, you can feel safe, independent, and participate in daily conversations.

A wide variety of alerting devices provide a sense of security and can be used to notify a person who is deaf or hard of hearing when the telephone is ringing, a doorbell or an emergency alarm has been activated, through flashing lights, louder sounds, or vibration. These solutions can be very simple or depending upon your situation and environment, more complex.

For more information on the latest assistive listening technologies Contact an ATI Specialist today.

There are a variety of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices designed to accommodate individuals in many environments. For some individuals their communication device should be small, portable, and include a limited number of communication choices, while others benefit best from more elaborate devices that can be programmed with endless communication options. Many AAC devices are designed as a stand alone accommodation, while some people prefer to have their AAC solution integrated with their computer. For more information on AAC devices, check out our Device Loan Program, or Contact an ATI Specialist today.

Daily Living
Everyone needs a little help now and again, and daily living aids do just that for seniors, someone recuperating from a surgery or illness, or for people with physical disabilities. These aids are designed to lend a “helping hand” around your house. So while we can’t help you locate a maid or a chef, we can help you to identify products that will make life a little easier around your home; and especially in your kitchen, bath, or bedroom.

In the kitchen you might find a stirring chef, knork, or a one hand cutting board helpful; while in the bedroom perhaps a SuperPole with a trapeze, a leg lifter, or blanket support will make getting in and out of bed easier; and while dressing, how about a one hand bracelet fastener, magnetic necklace clasp converter, or a sock aid. It’s about your independence and safety! Browse our Device Loan Program or Contact an ATI Specialist to learn more about daily living aids.

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