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Ergonomic Workshops
Employers pay enormous costs in the rehabilitation of injured employees. Surprisingly, most work injuries do not occur from the occasional accident, instead they are a result of employees performing repetitive tasks. Daily discomfort and fatigue slowly erode at the health and safety of an employee, which decreases productivity and efficiency and increases the chance for injury.

"Ergonomics" is the term used to describe a process of designing user-friendly jobs and eliminating job hazards that can cause injury and illness. Some jobs require awkward postures, use of excessive force, or constant vibration. Making ergonomic improvements in the work place can result in fewer injuries, reduced absenteeism, decreased turnover, increased efficiency, improved work quality, higher morale, and lower workers' compensation costs.

ATI’s Specialists can help you save money, and protect your most valuable asset – your employees, through our Office Ergonomic Workshops. These workshops provide educational awareness of easy office ergonomic solutions to your employees that will allow them to work in a more medically safe manner. To learn more about improving the health and safety of your employees, contact an ATI Specialist at 800-677-7512.

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