Alert - WatchMinder II

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Time management got you down? Or perhaps you are looking for a training aid to monitor and improve behavior.
Then check out the programmable WatchMinder II. Designed with up to 16 vibrating alarms with over 70 visual messages to assist in areas including:
AD/HD & LD - Time management and focus management
Medication Reminder - For compliance with medication programs and daily prescription drugs
Behavior Modification and Self Monitoring - Training mode effective technique for monitoring and improving behavior
Bedwetting / Incontinence - Perfect for potty training and timed voiding
Physical Therapy - Perfect for staying on top of a rehab program
Deaf / Hard of Hearing - Vibrating reminder helpful for elderly and hard of hearing
The training function reminds to user to preform specified behaviors, such as (GO BATHROOM, STRETCH, POSTURE) at designated intervals such as every 3, 5, 10 or up to every 60 minutes. Measures 2.25 inches x 2 x .62, and may be worn as a watch, carried or clipped to a belt.
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