Recreation - Binoculars Image Stabilized 10 x 42

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    Canon 10x42 L IS WP
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    06/30/2010 07:00:00

Attention bird watchers! Do you find it difficult to hold your binoculars steady? Do your eyes get tired while straining to see if the bird has a little red spot here or there.

Then check out the Canon 10 x 42 L IS WP Image Stabilized Binoculars. These wide angle, waterproof and fog proof binoculars may be just the ticket for your eyes.

Features Include:
Helicoid-type twist-yp eye cups
"L" series optics with four elements of Ultra-Low Dispersion (UD)
Operates on AA batteries
Provides excellent close focusing capacity
Interpupillary distance adjustment range of ~57 - 75 mm
±3 Dioptric correction
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