ECU - Voice Activated ECU SiCare II

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    SiCare Light II 88460
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    Available for Short Term Loan
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    Siemens Shared Services LLC
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    1700 Technology Dr
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    San Jose
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    408-764 9229
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    06/30/2010 07:00:00
Control your environment with spoken commands or switch access!

The SiCare II converts spoken commands into signals and control numerous devices - television, telephone, lights door system, and more.

This environmental control unit features simple voice programming steps and improved voice recognition capabilities. Designed with an internal loudspeaker and microphone, the SiCare provides voice feedback on menu commands.

The SiCare II includes 15 pre-set command menus including television, bed, TV, satellite, light and device and does not require computer or laptop programming. Instead, you are in charge of your environment through X-10 Control using the IR Command Center.

Borrow the SiCare II and gain control of your electronic environment! This kit inlcudes one appliance X-10 and one remote chime X-10.
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