Garden Tools - Easi-Grip Long Reach Garden Tool Set

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Specially designed for gardeners who have to sit on a chair or stool while gardening. 

Love to garden, but find it difficult to reach your garden bed while seated?  Then give these Easi-Grip Long Reach gardening tools a try!

The arm support allows the strength of the forearm to be used with these long handle garden tools designed specially for gardeners who need to sit in a chair or on a stool due to arthritis or other disabilities.




  • Long Reach Cultivator measures 32 inches long, weight 18 oz. 
  • Long Reach Trowel measures 34 inches long, weight 20 oz.
  • Long Reach Hoe measures 31 inches long, weight 20 oz.
  • Long Reach Fork measures 32 inches long, weight 18.5 oz.






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