Magnifier - Hand Held Illuminated 3x

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    Illuminated Hand-Held 1510-2
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    Eschenbach Optik of America
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Need a little light with your magnification? Check out Eschenbach's 1510-2 series of Illuminated Pocket magnifers.

These magnifiers are designed to provide magnification and illumination for spotting tasks such as looking up a telephone number, setting the thermostat or reading the prescription on a medicine bottle. And thier portability makes them useful for spotting a price in the supermarket, reading the menu in a dimly lit retaurant or looking at a map in the car.

Magnification:  3x
Diopter:  12D
Illumination:  Incandescent
Lens Size:  60 mm
Lens Type:  Aspheric
Power Source:  2 AA Batteries

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