Telephone - Ameriphone XL40 Amplified Telephone

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The Ameriphone XL40 improves conversation by making words not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand. With up to 40 decibels of amplification, the XL40 is ideal for those with a severe hearing loss or low vision. 

It enhances audio performance and quality to equal that of high end digital hearing aids and minimizes background noise and amplifies the human voice only. It eliminates feedback and distortion for the clearest sound, and balances soft and loud sounds for a comfortable listening experience at any volume


  • Tone Control
  • Bright Ring Flasher
  • Super Loud 95+ dB Ringer
  • Easy-To-See Oversized Keypad Buttons
  • 12 programmable one-touch speed dial keys
  • The Ameriphone XL40 is a hearing aid T-coil compatible phone and is wall mountable.
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