Telephone - CrystalTone Plus

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    6/30/2006 7:00:00 AM
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    Access Technologies, Inc. 3070 Lancaster Dr NE Salem, OR 97305 Toll-free voice/TTY: 1-800-677-7512 Voice/TTY: (503) 361-1201
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    $9 maintenance fee for 30 days
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    Ultratec, Inc.
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    450 Science Drive
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    STG - 2006
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So many amplified telephones to choose from, but which one is right for you? To help you make a more informed decision, we have added a variety of amplified phones, including this CrystalTone Plus to our lending library - so you can test the clarity and amplification in your environment.

Get maximum amplification with the CrystalTone Plus!  Talk about versatility!

Features Include:

Up to 50dB amplification
Sound enhancement
Screens out background noise
Speaker for hands-free use
Audio jack for use with a headphone, neckloop, or silhouette induction coil

All this and it accommodates individuals with moderate to severe (60 to 80 dB) hearing loss!
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