Keyboard - orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard

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Serial Number: 8222-2-10-A-1-a-008
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Original Purchase Price: $380.00
Manufacturer: Blue Orb, Inc.
Rental Terms: $9 maintenance fee for first 30 days
Check out this new style of keyboarding -- no keys to press!

In fact, the orbiTouch keyboard does not require any finger or wrist motion to operate. Makes it a possible computer solution for individuals who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and cerebral palsy. 

The alphabetic and color rings allow you to type by simply sliding to a color on the left dome and a character group and on the right dome.

The orbiTouch creates a keystroke when you slide the two domes into one of their eight respective positions. Just slide the domes to create letters and numbers, or to control the integrated mouse.

The color-coded keyboard may also be a perfect solution for visual learners; including individuals with autism.