Assistive Technology Training – Making Your Technology work for you

Without proper training, technology itself can be a barrier

Once the appropriate assistive technology (AT) solution has been identified, it's important to understand what the AT does and how to make this new technology work for you. Some technologies are simple and intuitive, but many incorporate numerous powerful features.  Learning to use these features can often be overwhelming, intimidating, and frustrating.  At that point, the technology itself can become a barrier.

ATI provides assistive technology trainings geared to meet your learning style. From training, application strategies, and technical support, our AT Specialists strive to make certain that your assistive technology gives you the results you want.

Whether you are new to the world of assistive technology or an AT veteran looking to advance your skills, our Assistive Technology Trainings are designed to “make your technology work for you”.

ATI’s Specialists are here to assist with your

  • Cognitive and Learning,
  • Communication,
  • Daily Living,
  • Environmental,
  • Ergonomic,
  • Personal hearing, or
  • Vision related assistive technology training needs.

Individualized training services teach skills and confidence

ATI’s one-on-one trainings are designed to teach the consumer what the technology does, where to find and how to operate relevant features, and how these features will benefit the individual user.  Application strategies provided during the sessions allows the individual to apply these features to meet their specific needs.

Hands-on workshops for groups

Designed for small groups, ATI’s hands-on group workshops are similar to one-on-one trainings. Small group trainings are conducted in our Salem lab or at your office. During these trainings, participates use their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

ATI offers a variety of individualized and group trainings
Some of our most popular trainings are:

Applications (apps)

ATI takes the complexity out of learning to use your Apps.

Whether you are using apps for:

  • Communication
  • Time or Task Management
  • Low Vision
  • Scanning
  • Learning and Cognition
ATI has a training course to meet your needs.

Tablets: iDevices, Androids, eReaders and Smart Phone Trainings

Once you have your new Tablet our skilled AT Specialists are here to prepare you for success!

The standard two hour training package includes Tablet setup, installation of apps (such as Proloquo2Go), and individualized training focused strategies designed to allow you to gain the skills and confidence to use the Tablet to meet your needs. Additional training hours are available. Call your AT Specialist today 503-361-1201

Computer Software Training

Access Technologies, Inc. has software training courses to meet your specific needs.
  • New to the world of computers?
  • Looking to brush up on your computer skills?
  • Have a desire to keep up with the latest operating systems?

ATI’s BASIC two hour Computer Software Training is tailored to meet your unique software needs, and may be completed at your location or in our Salem lab. Call 800-677-7512 and talk to an ATI Specialist about your assessment today.

Voice Recognition Training Services

Whether you are using a Macintosh or Windows based computer, there's a voice recognition program for you, and ATI’s Professional staff are the experts to help you achieve the greatest success with your specific dictation needs.

With your technology or ours, complete your voice recognition training in either our Salem Center or at your location. Contact ATI at 1-800-677-7512.