Explore solutions to increase your independence with EDUCATION

Does it seem harder to do your homework than the other students in class experience?  Do you struggle to keep up with note-taking in class? Or when it comes to study time do you find yourself with incomplete notes?

These are just some of the educational technologies available through ATI’s Library:

Learning: Talking Computer Software, Word Prediction Programs, Multicolored Keyboards, and Voice Recognition Software
Vision: Hand-held and Desktop Magnification aids, Talking Scanning Programs, Eyewear, Large Print Keyboards, Magnification Software and Screenreaders
Hearing: Personal Amplification Systems, Amplified Powered Neckloop, Shake Awake Alarm Clocks, Portable Induction Loops, and Amplified stethoscopes
Organization: Digital Reading Pens, Recorders, Voice Labeling Systems, Reminder Watches, Time Management Apps, personal coaching software, and mind mapping software

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