Software - Captain's Log Problem Solving Skills

SKU: 3080
Availability: Lab Use Only
Manufacturer: BrainTrain
Rental Terms: For use in Lab
These problem solving modules target invaluable cognitive skills – classification, sequencing, identifying and discriminating information relevant to the task at hand, abstraction, applying general rules and concepts in making specific decisions, using feedback to formulate a decision-making rule, working memory, immediate memory and more.

Again, the tasks cover a wide range of abilities, becoming increasingly challenging as they progress. You can customize the exercises to target impulse control, working memory, processing speed, and reasoning skills.

"Numeric Skills" (shown to the right) requires detailed visual perception, working memory, classification, and mental flexibility. It can be set up as a challenging memory exercise, where the visual stimuli disappear before the question is given.

Other problem solving modules helps the "player" develop the ability to perceive, classify and recognize different images based on an underlying rule. This level requires you to remember and process what you see when the objects are covered up.

This software is installed on a laptop and ready for loan.