Lifting - Shoulder Dolly System

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Make the load feel lighter with the Shoulder Dolly lifting system. You remain upright at all times — no bending over, especially up and down staircases.

The system uses webbed harnesses to let you and a partner lift with the larger shoulder and leg muscles, greatly reducing back, hand and arm strain when moving appliances, dressers, cabinets, big-screen TVs and other bulky items.

The Shoulder Dolly has an adjustable tension buckle in front of each user. Includes 2 harnesses and one 12ft.L x 5in.W webbing.


Increases maneuverability around tight corners
Nothing touches the floor, eliminating scuff marks and scratches
The weight limit on this system is up to 800 lbs.
Do not lift anything heavier than you would normally and/or comfortably lift
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