Computer Access  Assessments

How you access a computer does make a difference in your productivity, whether you are going to school, working, or using a computer for personal enjoyment.

ATI’s Computer Access Assessments are designed around your abilities and goals, whether you control a computer with the blink of an eye, nod of your head, slight movement of a foot, simple breath of air, with your voice, or a keyboard better designed for your hand, you can independently use your computer to complete your schoolwork, gain employment, or enjoy community activities.

Our Computer Access Assessments also identify software to help individuals see and hear the text easier. Sometimes this is through magnification or text reading software, and sometimes it can be accomplished through simple adjustments to your computer settings.

Stop struggling with HOW you access the computer! Contact an ATI Specialist for an assessment. Our Specialists keep abreast of the constantly changing technology and are here to help you to achieve your goals.

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