Solutions to increase your independence at WORK

Are you concerned about being successful at work because you find it frustrating to access your computer, keep on task or understand conversations with customers and coworkers? 

Ergonomic Risk Assessments identify job tasks that may lead to repetitive motion injury (RMI), and reduce or eliminate pain from repetitive stress injury (RSI), chronic illness, and for individuals with limited mobility or range of motion, while at the same time preventing costly injuries.

Organization and Time Management Assessments identify aids that can be a real job saver if you struggle to keep up with note taking, remember processes and procedures, keep on task, or develop well thought out papers.

Vision:  Wearing bifocals or trifocals can make it difficult to position your computer monitor at just the right height and distance. Other vision issues including Macular, Glaucoma, even “aging eyes may cause you to struggle when reading fine print or cause eye strain and fatigue while working on the computer. Assistive Technology Assessments can identify solutions to these low vision barriers.

Hearing:  Assistive Technology Assessments are also designed to reduce employment
barriers for individuals who are hard of hearing. Whether you work in a traditional office, or 
your office is “on wheels, identifying  solutions that allow you to understand 
conversations throughout the day will reduce fatigue and increase your safety.

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