Ergonomic Solutions

You get up from your office chair and you suddenly realize that you’ve been so involved in your project that you haven’t moved in a long while. Your back aches, your neck aches, your shoulders feel like they are around your ears, your eyes feel hot and fatigued, and your wrists feel a bit tingly. Sound familiar? There are simple and quick office exercises, when performed at break times or at the onset of stiffness, that can reduce these discomforts. Preventing and reducing the stresses on the body that cause these aches and fatigues is very important to maintaining good health and thereby allowing you to meet those project deadlines. Good ergonomics benefit the employee and the employer alike.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are the eyes viewing the picture worth? Perhaps a simple glare filter on your monitor, some selling for under $30.00 is just the right tool to safeguard those eyes. Seems like a prudent investment.

Just as exercise can add life to your years, the right keyboard can add strokes to your manuscript. Keyboarding incorrectly can agitate arthritis and promote repetitive stress syndrome. There are ergonomic keyboards starting at under $50.00, but which one is right for you?

Check out what hazards Sammy the Skeleton below has found at his worksite and then contact us at Access Technologies, Inc. to learn if an ergonomic risk assessment is in order for you.

Sammy the Skeleton:

Eyestrain illustrationRepetition illustrationtired arms illustration


"Because of pain I was ready to give up on employment. But then ATI completed an ergonomic risk assessment of my job duties and worksite. They repositioned my computer to reduce the amount of twisting and turning I was doing with my neck, discussed necessary lighting adjustments to ease my headaches, made adjustments to my office chair, and we talked about ways to restructure my job tasks to reduce fatigue from all bending, reaching, walking, and standing I was doing. Now I’m working with MUCH less pain."

Thank You, ATI. - Mary