Assistive Technology Assessments

Finding the Right Tools to Enable Independence

Why is an AT assessment important?

Selecting the correct assistive technology device is like buying a pair of shoes. The shoes might cover your feet – BUT DO THEY FIT? If the shoes hurt your feet are you going to keep wearing them?  Likewise, if the assistive technology is too challenging to learn or doesn’t meet your needs, are you going to keep struggling to make it work, or are you going to join the numerous other folks who simply toss the WRONG accommodation into the closet?

Assistive Technology assessments are about more than simply answering a common question, such as “What is the best technology for [reading, writing, note-taking, etc.]? Instead AT assessments are about helping you select the correct assistive technology solution designed to meet your needs; allowing you to complete your desired tasks, within your environment, and with the highest level of independence possible.

That’s why ATI’s Specialists personalize each AT assessment, with you in the center. You are of course welcome to invite other members of your “team” to participate in the AT assessment, but if at any point during the assessment you are no longer able to take part in the assessment, then the remainder of the assessment may need to be rescheduled.

What to Expect from an AT assessment

ATI provides comprehensive AT assessments. During the assessment the Specialist will work with you to identify specific barriers and explore assistive technology. Be prepared to talk about specific tasks you want to accomplish, or need to do, but can't (or have difficulty doing) because of a learning difference, disability or injury. During this process ATI’s Specialist will work with you to gather relevant data about your strengths and needs, and then identify tools, strategies and supporting services which will improve performance, increase participation, and/or increase independence. Depending upon the circumstances, your assessment may involve an AT trail period to validate the effectiveness of the chosen technologies so as to provide greater confidence about the decisions. If so, the Specialist will develop an AT trial plan for determining success.

Following the AT Assessment, ATI’s Specialist will provide a comprehensive written report to the assessment purchasing agent detailing the assessment results, identifying the most appropriate tools and strategies recommended (or whether additional trails are needed), and noting training recommendations as necessary to ensure successful implementation and usage of the AT.

Access Technologies, Inc. proudly offers the following AT Assessments

Speech Communication

Do people have a difficult time understanding you because of a soft voice, Aphasia, Cerebral Palsy, etc.? Or perhaps you struggle to hear and understand people talking over the telephone, in large groups, meetings, or in your office? Call an ATI Specialist at 800-677-7512 about your assessment today.

Tablet Computers, Smart Phones, and eReaders

These portable technologies have opened new doors into our independence, but the trial and error process of selecting the RIGHT accommodation for you, your loved one, a student or employee can be both expensive and frustrating when going through the process alone. An assessment will help identify which device best accommodates your needs, and is accessible for you. Call 800-677-7512 and talk to an ATI Specialist about your assessment today.

Aids for Daily Living

As we age, we acquire disabilities that make completing "simple" daily living tasks challenging. Whether it's the typical daily living tasks you find challenging such as dressing, eating, bathing, and grooming, or more recreational tasks like reading, shopping, writing, and specific hobbies, our Specialists are here to assist. shopping, reading, Our Daily Living assessments are tailored to meet your specific needs.  Modified eating utensils, adapted books, pencil holders, magnification aids, dressing aids, and personal amplification devices, are just some of the adaptive aids that may be explored during this assessment to help you perform your daily living tasks more independently. Call an ATI Specialist at 800-677-7512 about your assessment today.


If you find it difficult to actively participate in conversations because of a hearing loss you’re not alone. According to National Institute on Deafness approximately 17 percent of American adults report some degree of hearing loss.

Some of the Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss include:

  • Difficulty understanding speech, especially in a noisily environment or in a group setting
  • Difficulty understanding a person over the telephone
  • Difficulty hearing the telephone ring
  • Difficulty understanding the news reporter or your favorite television show
  • Difficulty hearing the telephone or doorbell

Don't try to hide your hearing problem. Schedule an AT Assessment, and work with ATI’s Specialist to determine the right accommodation to allow you to participate in LIFE again.

During your personalized assessment, you will have the opportunity to explore a range of personal listening devices, telephones, clocks, as well as signaling systems designed to increase your safety, well-being and get you back into LIVING.