Talk to Your Computer

Create/edit documents, send/receive emails, and surf the Internet -- HANDS FREE

Dragon allows you to dictate up to 160 words per minute! If you had to type a 900-word document, it could take nearly 20 minutes even for a fast typist. With Dragon Software, the same document can be created in just 6 minutes!

Access Technologies, Inc. has been a Premier, Authorized and Certified training Partner of Nuance for over 20 years.

Dragon makes it easy to control popular programs like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint; move about your desktop, and work on the Web. . . all with your voice - Up to three times faster than typing.

Studies show individuals who receive hands-on training when starting with voice recognition software are more successful with the program and are more likely to continue using the program than those who don't.

Sure you can use Dragon right out of the box, as some of the features are simple and intuitive, but many incorporate numerous powerful features. Learning to use these features within your other software applications can often be overwhelming, intimidating, and frustrating. At that point, your voice recognition program itself becomes a barrier.

Individualized voice recognition training services teach skills and confidence

ATI’s one-on-one trainings are designed to teach the consumer what the software does, where to find and how to operate relevant features, and how these features will benefit the individual user.  Application strategies provided during the sessions allows the individual to apply these features to meet their specific needs.

ATI offers the following Voice Recognition Trainings:

Whether you are using voice recognition in conjunction with your keyboard, or controlling your computer hands-free, our staff are the experts with this innovative and cutting-edge solution to your dictation needs.

Our Voice Recognition training services are designed to meet your needs. We offer Introductory, Advanced, and Custom training packages, in your choice of learning environments.

Introductory: This training package is ideal for computer users who are new to voice recognition software. Along with developing a quality user file and enhanced dictation skills, this personalized voice recognition training will provide individuals with the skills necessary to use their voice to:

  • work with a variety of desktop programs, documents, and folders,
  • create, edit, and format documents,
  • select buttons, tabs, options, and icons,
  • control scroll windows and list boxes,
  • develop word processing and emailing skills, and;
  • control mouse functions.

Advanced: Ideal for individuals who use windows-based office applications such as Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint on a frequent basis and require more detailed training. This package incorporates services listed in the BASIC training, as well as provides instruction to:

  • perform keystroke functions,
  • fill-in forms and create tables,
  • surf the Internet and;
  • develop word processing and emailing skills, and; create custom time-saving dictation shortcuts to achieve maximum efficiency using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Custom: This training is ideal for the new computer user who wishes to develop computer skills while learning Dragon NaturallySpeaking or, the experienced computer user looking to optimize the ability of the program by learning to develop advanced scripting and create custom commands to insert graphics, activate keystroke commands, etc., in practically any application.

Our Specialists provide Dragon training services in our Salem Center or on-site at your home or office -- or if you prefer, explore our new E-Training


Desktop Streaming allows ATI to bring our personalized voice recognition services to you, LIVE, over the Internet. E-Training allows ATI to bring the same quality of service to our customers in a faster, more cost effective means. Using a high speed Internet connection and a telephone line, ATI is able to bring your personalized voice recognition training to you - live through a secure website.

With Desktop Streaming, you can attend your personalized training in the comfort of your own home or office, without the added expense of paying a Specialist to travel to you.

Via a secure website, Desktop Streaming allows our Professionals to share their desktop with you in order to instantly demonstrate particular features of the voice recognition software, or with your permission, activate remote control of your desktop; for fast problem resolution, or to guide you through specific computer tasks.

Before scheduling your E-training, the Specialist will ensure your computer meets the minimum system recommendations, and you have the either a speaker phone, or a telephone/computer interface, as well as a high speed internet connection.

On-Site Training

At your employment or educational location, or in the comfort of your own home, ATI’s Professional staff personalize the training services to meet your dictation needs.

With your technology or ours, complete your voice recognition training in either our Salem Center or at your location. Contact ATI at 1-800-677-7512.